How to Copy Disney DVD on Apple Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Disney, one of the most famous film studios, achieves a lot at animated movies and live action movies. Especially, Frozen which was released at the end of 2013 received a great success. It is no doubt that you will collect many wonderful Disney DVDs if you are a Disney movie addict. This article focuses on introducing how to copy Disney DVD on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite in order to better protect precious DVDs.

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Ways to Enjoy Disney Movies

It seems that most people want to watch movies free rather than go to cinema. So, they seek for full Disney movie online or movie torrents for downloading patiently. But, you should know the following probable disadvantages along with films online and downloaded from torrents.

* It is just a trailer video, not full Disney movie.
* It is too blurred to watch.
* The virus, Trojan or some malware will be brought to your computer when watching Disney film online or downloading torrents.
* Disney movies are copyrighted so that you may involve in an infringement issue.

From the above, to purchase a Disney DVD is the safest and legal way to watch Disney movie if missing its release in cinema.

Copy Disney DVD on Mac

Certainly, you can copy Disney DVD on Mac to protect the fragile discs from being scratched and broken. What’s more, the copied movies can be converted to MP4, H264 for playback on iPhone, iPad, Andorid or other OS devices with a video converter for your kids to enjoy Disney cartoons during the long summer holiday trip.

Because of strict encryptions, nearly all open source DVD rippers, for example Handbrake, are unable to clone Disney DVD on Mac. Even though some rippers can backup Disney DVDs, the video is out of order.

WinX DVD ripper for Mac, the best Disney DVD ripper for Mac can copy Disney DVD on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mavericks etc, to ISO image at 1:1 ratio with no effort at all. Also, it can backup main title to a single MPEG2 file and full title to MKV with lossless quality to play Disney cartoons like Monster University and other Disney movies, like Maleficent, Saving Mr. Banks on Mac smoothly.

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Check here to learn how to copy Disney DVD on Mac with WinX DVD Ripper for Mac:

Free Get The Voice Kids Videos from YouTube in an Easiest Way

If you are seeking for the most amazing singer from The Voice Kids and want to appreciate those videos anytime and anywhere, this article will show you convenient ways to free download The Voice Kids videos (top 10 breathtaking voices) from YouTube for a better enjoyment.
>>Free Download YouTube Funny Videos for Kids

Best of The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids, children version of reality singing competition TV series The Voice, was premiered on January 27, 2012 in Holland and prevailed all over the World. At present, various country versions, The Voice Kids Germany, The Voice Kids Australia, The Voice Kids American (La Voz Kids) etc, are aired to make more and more talented child singers to be discovered.

You may always keep eyes on The Voice Kids the moment the version of your country was broadcasted and have gotten great voices or the most fascinating battles. But, it is probable that you will miss genius from foreign countries. So, I collect best performances videos of all The Voice Kids seasons (The Voice Kids 2012/2013/2014) according to favorable reviews from coaches, audiences and YouTube trends.

1. Blind Audition: Jar of Heart – Ayoub (The Voice Kids Holland)
2. Battle: Hallelujah – Simon, Helena and Patrizia (The Voice Kids 2014)
3. Blind Audition: Something’s Gotta Hold on Me – Demi (The Voice Kids 2014)
4. Blind Audition: I Will Always Love You – Laura (The Voice Kids Germany)
5. Blind Audition: Girl On Fire – Chelsea (The Voice Kids Germany)
6. Blind Audition: Let Her Go – Finn (The Voice Kids Germany)
7. Blind Audition: Roar – Olivia (The Voice Kids Australia)
8. Battle: Story of My Life – Amina, Alex and Chiara (The Voice Kids 2014)
9. Blind Audition: Too Much Heaven – Echo (The Voice Kids Philippines)
10. Blind Audition: Tomorrow Yoon Si Young (Mnet The Voice Kids)

Free Download The Voice Kids Videos

YouTube likes a treasure house to gather millions of videos, where you can free get overall The Video Kids videos, incl. finished and current seasons, other country versions. Sure, you can download those videos from YouTube to remove bad influences of ads, poor network condition and watch playing episodes without worries about missing TV show. What’s more, it can kill much boring time on train or plain by playback downloaded The Video Kids videos on iPhone, iPad or other devices during the coming summer holiday travel with your children. Also, the videos are the best presents for kids who are preparing for the next The Voice Kids or other singing competitions or performances for coaches teach many singing skills and strategy to overcome nervousness on the stage.

Well, how to free download The Voice Kids videos from YouTube? In the following, two ways will be specified to enables you to free get videos of The Voice Kids 2012/2013/2014 from YouTube with no effort at all.

Easiest Way to Free Get The Voice Kids Videos

WinX YouTube Downloader, a perfectly clean and easy-to-use The Video Kids video downloader, can free download any videos from YouTube in diverse formats and resolutions, even 4K videos for PC/Mac. Its intuitive interface enables you to learn how to use it immediately without any guesswork.

The Voice Kids 2014 Free Download Steps:
>>Download WinX YouTube Downloader

1. Click “Add URL” icon to access the smaller downloader window.

2. Copy and paste URL of one YouTube The Voice Kids 2014 video to address bar. Hit Analyze. A couple of seconds, the video title, duration and versions with different resolution, format, size and codec will be displayed. Select one version and hit OK.

3. Click Browse to set target folder to save The Voice Kids 2014 video and hit Download.

Free Download The Voice Kids Videos

For an advanced way to free download The Voice Kids from YouTube, please visit:

Download Transformers: Age of Extinction New Movie Torrent? Inadvisable!

Instead of buying the VCD and DVD of English and Hindi movies i have decided to download the movie torrents, but i dont know what the disadvantages of downloading the new Paramount film Transformers: Age of Extinction are.

There are tremendous movie searches in total, especially recently when Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 is out. Transformers: Age of Extinction has unexpectedly won the biggest opening at the box office over all 2014 movies (and of the others, 22 Jump Street fared the best with an estimated $15.4 million). For China, the world’s second largest market, 2014 is shaping to be a big Hollywood movie year. The reason may be various – the tracing for Transformers animation, the obsession with Transformers bumblebee and the adoration for Michael Bay.

Transformers: Age of ExtinctionMany people blundering away the chances to get tickets are trying their best to download new Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction full movie film video for free, but there are suggestions before you decide to download the movie bittorrent.

>> See how to copy Paramount Picture DVDs

Suggestions on Downloading Movie Torrent of Transformers: Age of Extinction

It is inadvisable to download Transformers 4 Age of Extinction movie torrent online. Indeed, the movie produced by Paramount is well protected and it is hard to find a real full length and HD film torrent through internet. But more importantly, there are many disadvantages of downloading the torrents of movies such as Transformers: Age of Extinction:

* It will damage your hard disk, leading to high temperature, repeated reads and writes, and sector block;
* It may do harm to your network bandwidth. Most torrent downloading software takes massive bandwidth usage (over 50%);
* It fosters the transmission of viruses. Torrent downloading is one of the main spreading paths of viruses and Trojans and the corresponding hacktivism is the main cause of computer network crime. If you insist in doing so, our opinion is that you download at your own risk and at least scan anything before you open it for the first time with a virus scanner;
* You may encounter copyright infringement. Downloading movies with torrents that are not in the public domain (usually if it can be bought in a store or seen in theaters it is not) is illegal. Most of the time you won’t end up in jail but it is a possibility and so are large fines.

Download Torrent or Rip DVD of Transformers: Age of Extinction?

On the contrary, ripping DVDs that belongs to oneself becomes legal in more countries, such as U.K. Compared with downloading Transformers 4 movie torrent, we suggest you go to cinema or buy a DVD for safety and morality
>> Refer to the movie copyright law in your country

How to Copy and Rip DVD Transformers: Age of Extinction on Win/Mac

How to copy and rip 2014 new movie DVD Transformers 4 on PC? The easiest and fastest way for both novices and stagers is to have the aid of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Many other DVD ripping programs may end up with failure when dealing with Paramount or Disney DVDs, but this software does not. Tested by many authorized geeks and proved by millions of users, it is the most intelligent and up-to-date DVD backup software that helps rip DVDs to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android and Microsoft tablets and phones, convert DVDs to AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, MOV, M4V, FLV, M2TS videos, and copy Transformers DVD to DVD folder/ISO image without quality loss. Mac users can download the Mac edition to rip Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD on Mac.

Get detailed guides here:

Top 3 Free Online Video Converter for PC/Mac Review

Internet is a magical bank filled with hilarious, emotive and inspiring videos. For a better experience to watch videos, you may download and enjoy them with ad-free. As is known, most of online videos cannot be directly played on PC/Mac and mobiles in that the format like FLV, WebM is incompatible with system media players. So, it is necessary to seek for a helpful tool to free convert online videos to supported formats by PC/Mac/Mobiles. Here, I will list the top 3 free online video converters for reference if you have no idea about how to pick out the best free online video converter.

Top 3 Free Online Video Converters

WinX Video Converter Review

WinX Video Converter is one of the best free online video converters to convert plentiful videos and divers high quality. With tons of video & audio codecs, it is competent to free convert online videos to universal video formats AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 etc, audios MP3, AAC etc, and nearly overall portable devices, even the latest models, such as iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 3.

Due to the concise and straightforward interface, WinX Video Converter enables you to easily get how to convert videos even without a guide. It supports numerous output formats, incl. PC/Mac general videos, Apple/Android/Microsoft/Sony/BlackBerry devices, Web videos, DVD and music profile. Also, you can edit and adjust parameters according to your requirement during conversion. Moreover, the technologies, High Quality Engine, Deinterlacing, Safe Mode, Multi-core utility output clearer images at a high speed and guarantee that videos can be successfully converted without any errors.

Any Video Converter Free Review

Any Video Converter Free is rated as one of top 3 free online video converters for its capacity to free transfer online videos to PC, laptop, Apple/Android smartphones/tablets etc. Equipped with video editing tools and a media player, you can trim, crop, rotate videos, add subtitles for videos, preview videos and customize video parameters as well.

Any Video Converter Free offers a very simple way to free transfer online videos to popular video formats, such as AVI, WMV, MOV and so on, and DVD/audio profiles. Certainly, it can output video formats supported by plentiful portable devices, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony PSP etc. But, it doesn’t support comprehensive device models, such as latest Samsung Galaxy S5, Surface Pro 2 etc.

Any Video Converter Free is not totally stand-alone that AVG PC TuneUP will be installed by default if you don’t select custom during installation. The other point you may dislike that message to upgrade free edition to ultimate version will be shown once conversion is completed.

Freemake Video Converter Review

Freemake Video Converter focuses on converting online videos to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, iPhone, iPad, Andriod phones and MP3 audios. Built-in preset editors, it enables you to customize video & audio parameters, e.g. codecs, resolution, bitrate, frame rate and edit videos by cutting, joining, rotating and adding subtitles.

Freemake Video Converter performs basic tasks with a simple interface so that you can learn how to use it with no effort at all. On the bottom, all the output formats are presented, containing general videos and audios, formats for mobiles and webs. However, it has least output profiles supported among the top 3 free online video converters.

Comparing with Any Video Converter Free, Freemake Video Converter is bundled with more adware. Besides AVG PC TuneUP, it will ask you to install AVG Toolbar or WinZip Pro and set AVG Secure Search as browser homepage.

From above reviews, you can find that WinX Video Converter is the best free online video converter because of brilliant features: friendly interface, ease of use, various output formats support, stable performance, and 100% safe & clean without any third party software bundled.

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