Top 10 2014 New Hindi Movies

Hindi movies (Indian movies), gaining its reputation by the elaborate song-and-dance factor, fantastic atmosphere and national features, occupy an important position in the movie industry, with its production taking the leading role throughout the world. Slumdog Millionaire, which was nominated for ten Academy Awards and four Golden Globes in 2009, famed inspirational comedy 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan, which until now still keep the highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas are all from India. As one of the most renowned and welcomed large-scale movie industry, Bollywood will undoubtedly pretend movie aficionados a lot of great works this year as usual. However, it is not the only producer of famous Hindi movies. Therefore, here the top 10 new Hindi movies 2014 come from both Bollywood and other Hindi movie makers you may not know.

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Top 10 New Hindi Movies List 2014

No.List of Top 10 New Hindi Movies 20141 Bobby Jaroso – Releasing Date: 4 July, 2014, unknown runtime
It’s a film that compliments the aspiration of a man named Bobby, who has a willing for becoming the top detective in an old city – Hyderabad.

No.3 Guardians
– 20 Jun, 2014, 136 minutesNo.2 The Villain (E Villain) – 27 Jun, 2014, 130 minutes
Guru, working for a politician, is a quiet but bad boy. His dark experience makes him unsleeping at night. But this situation comes into an end after meeting a girl Aisha. Guru quites his job and plans to propose to Aisha, but unfortunately…
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The story happens in a typically conventional society. Hupa Mishap and Bacchanal Tiwa are going to get married, but Cheri combination is called off because the brother of Bacchanal wants a lump-sum from Hupa’s father. At this time, Hupa meets a common villager Jabiru… This is a story about how Jabiru tries to fight up against the evil institutions.

No.4 The Untold Story Sahibah – 20 Jun, 2014, 123 minutes
Everyone has her or his mother and there was a time when many people can do everything for Mother, even giving up her or his life. But nowadays, the situation of “Mother Cow” has changed, even the people who could quite his or her life for mother are OK with taking mother’s life. Nothing has been altered but priorities.
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No.5 Humshakals – 20 Jun, 2014, 159 minutes
It’s a Bollywood comedy film, in which Shook and Jumar are good friends and they both have their love interests as Shaitan and Misatone. Shokan’s father is a millionaire but he has been in stupor for already six years…

No.6 Fugly – 13 Jun, 2014, 134 minutesList of Top 10 New Hindi Movies 2014
Fugly is also a Hindi comedy drama. It tells a story about 4 friends: Dev, Devi, Additivity & Gaur, who are just graduated from college, stepping into the society with their own longings…

No.8 18.11 ( A code of Secrecy…!)
– 13 Jun, 2014, 126 minutesNo. 7 Unforgettable – 13 Jun, 2014, 131 minutes
Unforgettable tells a love story between a rich man called Aband Jumar and a not-so-rich girl named Aisha, taking place in the United Arab Emirates. However, the rich man’s mother does not like the girl…
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It’s not only a science & technology movie, but also a romance, comedy, action and thrill work, the suspense of which lies in the numbers shown in the film name – 18.11…

No.9 Malachi Jal Ki Bani Ai – 13 Jun, 2014, 120 minutes
Sara Askar and Bhang Day are enjoying their happily married life in Mumbai. But one day, they encounters a bad traffic accident on the way back home after a party, in which the other driver dies…

No.10 The World Before Her – 6 Jun, 2014, 90 minutes
This film describes the changes between Miss India pageant and a Hindu girls’ camp. Rehi Singh is a girl competing to win the ticket to start her career from Miss India pageant… You can clearly see the portrait of the largest democracy in the world created by the director.


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