How to Free Download 3D Movies from YouTube

“I have got 3D glasses (red/cyan) and I am wondering where and how I can free download 3D movies in HD for my computer.”

The appearance of 3D movies can be traced back to 1900s. But till 2000s, 3D movies are actually experienced worldwide due to blossom of IMAX theaters and become more and more popular and successful following Avatar 3D presentations leading to production of 3D television and Blu-ray 3D, which means that people can watch 3D movies with illusion of depth at home instead of going to cinema. Certainly, online 3D movies are supported by numerous video-sharing and video-streaming websites, for example YouTube. Well, this article will introduce how to free download 3D movies in 720p/1080p HD from YouTube for playback on PC/Mac.

How to Free Download 3D Movies

Compared with watching YouTube 3D movies online, someone prefer to free download 3D movies for a better movie enjoyment with professional 3D players and screen avoiding ads and unexpected interruptions caused by poor network. Since YouTube dosen’t support directly downloading movies/videos from web, the professional 3D movie free download tool is in demand. WinX YouTube Downloader is a highly praised free program available to free download any movies in standard or 3D 360p SD, 720p/1080p HD, even 4K UHD from YouTube in flash. It is 100% clean and safe bundled no adware, malware or virus. Also, you can preview movie/video contents with built-in mini player before/during download.

Guide to Free Download 3D HD Movies with WinX YouTube Downloader

Step 1. Open WinX YouTube Downloader and click + link-shaped icon (the first button on navigation bar).
Step 2. Search the 3D movie you would like to download on YouTube, for example Transformers: Age of Extinction. Copy and paste its YouTube URL to address bar. Then click Analyze button.
Step 3. A few seconds later, video info including title, duration and versions in different resolution, format, size and codec will be presented. Select 1720×1080 HD MP4 version and click OK.
Step 4. Click Browse to choose target folder for saving downloaded movies and click Download button to start 3D HD movies free download.

For learning top 10 3D movies of all time:


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