Windows 10 Spartan Browser Will Download Movies, 4K/1080p HD Videos Online?

As a new comer of Windows 10, Spartan (browser) is believed by many people to take the place of old Internet Explorer. Microsoft Spartan, not to carry the codename of IE, will become the default browser on both Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices. Will this default browser add some new function like free downloading 4K UHD, 1080p/720p HD or 3D movies from online movie sites? The following text will give you the answer.

What Make Us Think Spartan Will Download Online Movies?

So far, as the built-in browser of Windows 10, Spartan has not been released officially, but what hints make us speculate on the possibility that Spartan will download movies online? Let’s go through:

Firstly, downloading movies or videos from website through internet browsers is a great demand since a good many of people want to save flash videos they view in the websites.

Secondly, Spartan browser is a new concept. For instance, users can annotate pages in ‘Note Taking Mode’ before sharing it or saving to OneNote with a finger or pen. A ‘Reading Mode’ for offline viewing with support for PDF files is also available. Combining with Cortana, Spartan makes search easier and Web experience improved. Like Chrome and Firefox, it will support extensions, using Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine. So we cannot help think boldly that Spartan will download online movies free.

Besides, many new functions and improvements have been achieved in this browser. It natively has precise Web layout, enhanced reading mode, special subscription list and offline function. Microsoft announced recently that Adobe is contributing to Spartan browser in Windows 10, make layout, typography, motion and graphic design even better. So it may also support free downloading movies from websites.

How to Make Spartan Browser Download Movies Free and Safely?

Almost all existing web browsers have Add-ons to help, for example, capture video and image files from websites, and download videos by entering the video URLs. Supposedly, Spartan will also play DVDs/flash videos and download movies with the help of such add-ons. But not all add-on tools are safe, and some even have unwanted adware. Besides, they may mislead you download some unclear videos from some unknown websites.

To solve such problem, you may need an alternative way, and downloading movies from YouTube is completely safe. WinX YouTube Downloader is a 100% free and safe online YouTube movie downloading program for Windows (10) users. It is designed to download YouTube full movies, HD/4K videos, music videos and so on, no matter they are in MP4, FLV or WebM.


1. The upgrade version of this YouTube video downloader, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, also comes with an unbeatable HD movie video converter. You can convert both the downloaded YouTube films, but also any other videos existing on your hard drive to different video audio formats, for playing back on Windows 10 for Phone, WP8, Surface Hub, Surface Pro 3, RT, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, Android devices and so on.

2. There may also be many movies you like on other video website outside of YouTube itself, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, Vube, Vine, UStream, MTV, Niconico, Bliptv and so on. Besides watching them after browsing through Spartan, you can download all of them with the help of another freeware called 5KPlayer.

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