How to Download 8K Movies for Free on Windows (10) and Mac

When you are talking about 4K-related terms, many people have switched to 8K resolution discussion, especially after YouTube released its first 8K video. As a matter of fact, 8K comes earlier than we thought. At 2013 Cannes Film Festival, NHK showed world’s first 8K movie named Beauties À La Carte. And in January 2015, NHK unveiled an 8K super hi-vision TV in Waikiki. Furthermore, NHK will start testing 8K in 2016 and plan to broadcast in 8K in 2018 in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

8K-related stuff like 8K monitors, 8K TVs, 8K cameras and 8K movie videos will be in vogue in the near future. When the day is coming, it is believed that many people will wonder if they can free download 8K movies for offline watching on the sharp 8K displays. The answer is definitely yes. Read this article and learn how to download 8K movies.

Where to Download 8K Movies?

Since YouTube is now available to stream 8K video, more and more 8K contents including 8K movies will be uploaded to YouTube sooner or later. Although no download option is provided by YouTube itself, you can get the 8K UHD movies downloaded with the help of a free 8K movie downloader named WinX YouTube Downloader.

Know More about the 8K Movie Video Downloader

WinX YouTube Downloader is a toll-free video downloader powerful enough to free download 4K/8K UHD movies/videos/samples, let alone SD/720p 1080p HD videos movies, from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other 300 online video/movie sites. Be the 8K movie is 2D or 3D, the video downloader can download it without any hassle. Most importantly, original crisp quality of 8K movie will be maintained after downloading. Undoubtedly, 8K movie size is badly large, thus it needs quite a while to finish downloading. However, with Multi-thread Technology, this downloader delivers 5-8x real-time download speed (depending on the internet speed).

How to Free Download 8K Movies?

Firstly, you should free download and install the 8K movie downloader on your Windows (10) PC. And the 8K movie downloader for Mac is ready for you to free download 8K film on Mac OS X 10.6 or later, including 10.10 Yosemite.

Step 1. Add 8K movie URL.
Launch the downloader, and click the chain-shaped button on the top left corner. Then, go to YouTube website, find the 8K UHD movie and copy & paste the 8K movie URL to the address field.

Step 2. Analyze the 8K movie link.
Click “Analyze” button beside the address field. Moments later, it will export the 8K movie title, duration, and dozens of output results with different file resolutions (7680×4320 included), formats, codecs and sizes.

Step 3. Select the output with 7680×4320 resolution.
To download 8K movie, you should choose an output in 7680×4320. And to have a good compatibility, you are suggested to choose the one in MP4. To sum up, an output in MP4 with 7680×4320 file resolution is your ideal choice.

Step 4. Begin downloading 8K movie.
You can specify a destination folder to store to-be downloaded 8K movie. But please make sure that the folder has enough space to save the large 8K movie. And a folder under disk C is not suggested. When all settings are completed, you can hit “Download” button to begin downloading the 8K movie to your local hard drive.

Download 8K Movie



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