How to Download/Watch YouTube Movies 1080P on iPhone 6S

“If I buy an iPhone 6S, how to watch movies with it? Is there any iPhone 6S movie app tool? If I don’t want the phone to slow down, should I download YouTube movies for my iPhone 6S/Plus instead of watching online?”

There was a debate among iOS users on what Apple’s new smartphone 2015 will be called, iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. So far, news online seem to have agreed on the previous and reveal that iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be available for the public on September 18 this year. More iPhone 6S specs info will be laid out later, here first things first: where to watch movies online on iPhone 6S or how to download YouTube movies for iPhone 6S?

Where Can You Watch Free Movies Online on iPhone 6S?

“I need to find some websites with popular movies. I don’t want a site full of movies that no one has heard of. I want a mobile site for my iPad or next iPhone 6S to watch movies on. If anyone knows of one, please respond, it would be much appreciated.”

iPhone 6S/Plus is said to be improved on chip configuration. The to-be-used Qualcomm MDM9635M LTE chip will support download speed up to 300 Mbps, highly enhancing mobile network performance. Suffice it to say, watching movies online with iPhone 6S will be more entertaining than ever, on condition that you’ve collected piles of iPhone 6S movie sites or apps, be them free or paid. Popcorn Time iOS currently is the most well-received one. And it goes without saying, Netflix is on the iPhone/6S best movie app list too. As to movie sites for iPhone 6S, it’s a certainty that YouTube will be the first choice. Google “list of iPhone 6S movie streaming sites” and you’ll get a bunch of them.

A lot of people, spending most time on mobile phone (maybe the next iPhone 6S), now take watching movies online on iPhone/6S with grains of salt and decide to quit wasting time on online video sites, for disturbing ads and slow data network. It’s actually not that bad, but downloading movies for iPhone 6S is surely a cut above it.

How to Download YouTube Movies to iPhone 6S?

A good free movie downloader software is crucial to easily carry out the HD movie download to iPhone 6S, which has been presented before with download link. WinX YouTube Downloader, far more than a movie video downloader for YouTube, supports 300+ sites, including Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. Also, fast download speed and high output image quality win the hearts of all. Here we take downloading Terminater Genisys from YouTube to iPhone 6S as an example for you.

Step 1 – Free get WinX YouTube Downloader and launch it

Step 2 – Find a YouTube movie URL
Click “URL” button, copy, “Paste & Analyze” the link of Terminater on YouTube. Select your desired output video resolution/format then (1080p/MP4 is recommended).

Step 3 – Set Target Folder
To directly download YouTube movies to iPhone 6S/Plus, connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable and Browse to set it as the saving folder.

Step 4 – Start YouTube movie download for iPhone 6S
Press “Download” and Terminater will be downloaded to iPhone 6S in compatible formats.



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