How to Extract and Rip Audio from YouTube Video

Q: Often I just need to listen to the audio from a YouTube video, e.g. certain lectures, discussion shows, songs etc…However, having the video run consumes unnecessary resources on a mobile device. Also, it is easy to create playlists with audios only. Is there a simple way to extract MP3 audio from a YouTube video? – From Quora

As described in above question, a part of YouTube visitors only want audio from a video for only listening, editing or creating playlist etc. If you are the one who is seeking for an elegant way to extract audio from YouTube, this article can lead you to the right path. Also, a top-notch YouTube audio extractor will be shown up.

Tool for Extracting YouTube Audio

There is no way to rip audio from YouTube videos except making use of an audio extractor. Countless programs from browser plug-ins to desktop software swarm into the market dazzling users. So, plug-in vs. desktop software, what kind of tool is more appropriate for you?

Integrating with browser, plug-in is considered as supplying an efficient way to extract audio from YouTube. Because of tiny size, it is easier to install and occupies little space. In addition, you can enable/disable the add-on at any time. On the other hand, desktop software delivers stable functions and much better performance. Unlike most plug-ins which only extract MP3 from YouTube, desktop software builds in richer output. Moreover, a reliable YouTube audio extractor for desktop is hardly blocked or censored for security or other problem as browser plug-ins. Therefore, we suggest you to download desktop software rather than install YouTube to MP3 extensions for your browsers.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a real helpful application enabling you to download any YouTube video and extract audios as MP3, FLAC, AAC, AC3, WAV, M4A for iPhone Ringtone and more popular formats from the video file at a sharp speed (83x real-time). Thanks to High Quality Engine, it delivers hi-fi audio without quality loss. Advanced users are allowed to adjust audio codec, bitrate, sample rate and channel for an optimized result. As a totally stand-alone YouTube audio downloader and extractor, it bundled no adware, spyware, malware or virus.

How to Extract/Rip Audio from YouTube

Download/install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on your Windows (10) PC or WinX HD Video Converter for Mac on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard or higher) and then extract audio from YouTube video step by step.

Step 1. Download YouTube Video
Launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and hit YouTube URL button to access to the smaller window for video download. Search the video you want to rip audio off on YouTube. Copy and Paste its URL to address bar.

Step 2. Analyze Video
Hit Analyze button and video title, duration and output list will be presented. Select one result. Then, check Auto convert option to add the video to convert list. Otherwise, the video will be just downloaded. Next, click OK.

Step 3. Select Audio Format
Once the YouTube video is loaded, an Output Profile dialogue appears. Move to ‘to Music’ option and select one audio format. Click OK.

Step 4. Start Extracting Audio from YouTube Video
Click Browse button to set destination folder (hard drive or device) and hit RUN button to start the process of audio extraction from YouTube.



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