How to Fix Showbox App Not/Stopped Working Error

– When I tried to use Showbox this afternoon, I got the error message: “Unfortunately, Showbox has stopped”. I have no idea why this was happening. I’ve not changed anything. Any ideas?
– I have Showbox installed on my Android phone but it won’t load the video or shows me nothing. How can I fix it? Thanks in advance.

As for enjoying movies on Android devices, Showbox is definitely the must-install app which contributes thousands of HD free movies and TV shows driving users to watch or stream for free. Lucky guys always experience smooth and fantastic playback when using this great free movies app, while more users confront with Showbox not/stopped working error as mentioned in above questions. Here, solutions to fix Showbox app not working/loading videos problems will be given.

How to Fix Showbox Not Working Error

Possibility 1: If you have encountered the error message “Unfortunately, Showbox has stopped” when trying to open it, please follow solutions below to fix it.

1. Clear Data and Cache
▪ Go to “Settings” Menu
▪ Click “Apps” to enter the full installed app list.
▪ Select Showbox to access to its App Info.
▪ Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache button.
▪ Finally, restart your devices and open Showbox again.

2. Reinstall or Update Showbox
If Showbox is still not working after data and cache is cleared, you’d better reinstall this app. Because Showbox is not available in Google Play Store for legality issue, it is suggested to find a reliable download link posted on Showbox official Facebook or Twitter rather than explore a random download address among Google search results.
In addition, Showbox not working error may be fixed in the latest version. So, keep your Showbox updated.

Possibility 2: Apart from ‘Showbox has stopped’ problem, some users are seemingly bothered by Showbox not loading video issue. No sound, no image and everything goes blank. To fix this kind of Showbox not working error, you need to pay attention to players and ad-blocking programs.

1. Install MX Player
Showbox requires MX Player to open movies, TV shows. Without this player installed, you cannot load the video or get “Video not available” error.

2. Uninstall Ad-blocking Programs
Please uninstall ad-blocking programs if you have installed one because the incompatibility problem may result in Showbox not working.

3. Get Showbox Alternatives
For someone who is fed up with Showbox not/stopped working error, alternative apps, like Movie Box, Popcorn Time are also recommended.

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