How to Download Movies to iPhone/Android for Free

“Where can I watch free movies on my iPhone 6S? Most movie sites use flash which iOS doesn’t support. I believe html5 sites work but it seems hard to find ones for movies. Every movie I’ve looked at on a movie app isn’t free.”

There is more than one way to watch HD movies on iPhone. However, to get HD movies on iPhone doesn’t always mean having to be helped by a movie app. The article is going to introduce a different method in the very beginning – download HD full movies to iPhone 5se/5S/6/6S Plus or other iOS devices for offline playback without jailbreak or installing the traditional movie streaming apps like Showbox and Netflix. I believe it will be helpful especially when often you have no internet connection.

1. Download Movies, Convert & Sync to iPhone

The method roughly goes like: download the HD/UHD movies free you found on YouTube, DailyMotion and other popular online video sites using WinX HD Video Converter on Windows PC or Mac, choose the iPhone profile and convert and compress the files with the same software, and then transfer/sync the movies to iPhone for offline watching anywhere anytime!

How to Download Free Movies to iPhone with an HD Video Downloader

If you are a frequent traveler or airline passenger, the first method will do the trick. The HD video converter we will be using in this guide.

Step 1. Click “YouTube URL” button to download online movies from YouTube, DailyMotion, MTV, Break, Myspace and other 300+ online video sharing sites. Alternatively, load the movie source to WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe on PC or Mac by tapping “+Video” button. (It uniquely supports a lot of adult movie sites for uses aged over 18. See the full list of online video sites supported).

Step 2. Find Output Profile -> Apple Device -> to iPhone Video -> iPhone 6/6S, Plus; iPhone 5S, 5C; iPhone 5; iPhone 4S; iPhone 3G, 3GS. Choose an option according to the model of your iPhone and click OK.

Step 3. Make all other settings that you deem necessary. Click RUN and let the video downloading and conversion begin at the same time.

Step 4. Sync or (AirPlay) stream the downloaded full-length HD (4K included) movies from your computer to iPhone. You can watch the videos anytime without network connection.

2. Download Movies to iPhone Using Movie Download Apps

In a more conventional way, you can choose to install (free) movie downloading apps on iPhone. Here are some top choices for movie watching on iOS mobiles as samples:

Crackle: If you are in US, Canada, Australia, Latin America or Brazil, you are entitled to watch Hollywood movies and TV shows using this popular app together with 25 million other users.

Netflix: As the leading subscription service, this mobile app allows its subscribed users to watch and stream movies and TV shows to iPhone, Android, etc., and it also has apps for smart TV, PC, Mac and more. It is available in 190 countries; however, it is only free for the first month.

Popcorn Time: It allows you to watch movies instantly in high definition and quality, with subtitles for free. An app was released only for jailbroken iOS devices on September 30, 2014. But now it’s possible to install Popcorn Time on iPhone without jailbreak by some means. Indeed as a BitTorrent client, Popcorn Time is a potential treat to Hollywood.

Hulu Plus: At $10 a month, it offers movie watching and streaming services. It works well on iPhone 6/6 Plus with a well-received UI. No registration required.

IMDb: As a world-renowned film information collection site, it also comes with the IMDb app available in iTunes App stores in about ten languages. Through the app, you have access to all title and name pages; you can see every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs and trivia. After signing in, you can rate the movies, manage your Watchlist, create and share title lists, set your favorite theaters and so on.

However, those iPhone movie apps do not offer free movie downloading service, so you still have to use some third-party tools to record, save or download movies to your iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/7 (Plus) that is running iOS 8 or 9.

3. Watch Movies on iPhone with Free Movie Streaming Apps for iPhone

The above mentioned apps for watching movies like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu Plus also offer movie streaming services. A few of them allow streaming torrented movies on iOS 8/9 without jailbreaking.

Streaming movie is a good way and trend to watch movies on iPhone. In addition, there are many other trustworthy apps supporting movie streaming too, such as ShowBox, Moviebox, Playbox HD, Sky HD App, Google Play, Flipps TV, DIREC TV and Viewster.

4. Rip/Convert DVD Movies to iPhone Friendly Files

From time to time, the video you want to download isn’t available on mobile devices.

Remember there still exists a traditional way to always watch full Hollywood movies successfully, that is, buying the DVDs, or renting them (from RedBox, for example). Now, as technology boosting, the DVDs playback manners are diversified. The DVD movies can also be watched on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android devices after being ripped with a free DVD ripper.



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