How to Fix iOS 10 Update/Installation Problems on iPhone, iPad, iPod

iOS 10 is the star of Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote, attracting people with so many stunning changes. Here, let’s take a look at several sparkles. Messages app in iOS 10 is greatly redesigned and integrated with link previews, handwriting support and a new Digital Touch feature and more. And Messages will be crazier since it is open to developers with an SDK. Siri extends its power to third-party apps, such as WhatsApps, Slack and Uber. As for Photos, Apple plans to rival Google Photos, planting Memories into iOS 10 Photos to bring pictures together from a specific time or place in an intelligent way

Facing these tempting iOS 10 features, many iOS users jump the gun and update to iOS 10, when iOS 10 was in beta stage and only intended for developers. Now because iOS 10 offcial version is available, iOS 10 update and installation is more unstoppable. However, Apple’s iOS 10 update is causing major problems for some users. So in this post, we will focus on how to fix iOS 10 update and installation problems, for example iOS 10 update error 14.

iOS 10 Update Problems and Fixes

1. Insufficient Space

In addition to checking if our iDevice is compatible with iOS 10 before updating, we should also make sure we have enough space to download and install the update package. 1.1GB of free space is needed for iOS 10 update. How to fix “insufficient space” problem during downloading iOS 10?

1). Delete caches, useless files and apps.
2). Compress videos with 4K/HD quality to smaller size with video compression software.
3). Transfer photos, music and videos from iPhone iPad to computer with file transfer software.

2. Error 14

Got an error message (The iPad “iPad”/iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (14).)? Obviously, you are troubled by iOS 10 update error 14. This error happens when you are trying to update iOS 10 while restoring from the backup. How to fix iOS 10 upgrade problem – error 14?

1). Create a backup of your important data, conduct a clean restore of iOS 9.3.2, and then perform a clean restore of iOS 10 by using IPSW file.
2). Run a clean restore with Xcode 8 latest version through iTunes.
3). Check if the USB cable is good or try another.

3. Stuck on Verifying Update

“Stuck on verifying update” is one of the most common errors while upgrading to a new iOS firmware. And this is no exception for iOS 10 update. How to get you out of long-time verifying update problem? Try one of the solutions below.

1). Press the Power button for several times to lock and unlock iPhone or iPad.
2). Hold Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time to do a hard set to iPhone or iPad.
3). Upgrade to iOS 10 with the latest iTunes version from computer.

4. Software Update Failed with a Message “An error occurred downloading iOS 10”

This is also a very popular iOS 10 install problem. This error pops up when too many people are downloading iOS 10.

1). Wait for some time, maybe one or two days, to get rid of overloaded bandwidth.
2). Reboot both WiFi router and your iOS device. Next, reset network settings following Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
3). Skip over-the-air updates and try iOS 10 upgrade via iTunes.

5. Frozen at Slide to Upgrade screen

Got stuck at “Slide to Upgrade” screen for hours when try to upgrade to iOS 10? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one nagged by this iOS 10 update problem. And, you can try the method below to fix it.

Connect the iOS device to a computer and then run iTunes. Next, press Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds till the device is detected. Now, restore your device from the backup. Or click the Back Up Now button, make a backup and then restore from the backup. Afterwards, this iOS 10 update problem may be fixed and you can go on the upgrade process.

6. Stuck in Recovery Mode

“iPhone/ iPad is stuck at recovery mode” always happens during jailbreak or upgrade iOS. But don’t worry, because we can take some measures to return it to normal.

1). Press Home and Power buttons to see if your iPhone or iPad can exit the recovery mode.
2). Check the lightning port and others to see if this iOS 10 update problem results from hardware issues.



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