10 Most Common macOS Sierra Problems & Troubleshooting Tips

Apple released its 2016 Mac OS named macOS Sierra on September 20 announcing smarter intelligence, greater performance and seamless work between Mac and devices. Free upgrade to macOS Sierra from OS X 10.7.5 or later is available. A part of Mac users have been experiencing this new system and encountering several problems before/after upgrade or installation. What’re most common macOS Sierra problems? How to fix them? This article will help you find the answers.

1. macOS Sierra Download Problems

When upgrading to macOS Sierra, you may be given a message “An error has occurred” or “failed to download”. If so, please follow the steps to retry download process.

• Delete existing macOS Sierra installer and then re-download it.
• Search the uncompleted “Install macOS Sierra” file with question mark from Launchpad and delete it.
• Reboot your Mac and redownload macOS Sierra.

If you are unable to download macOS Sierra and find it is shown “Downloaded” in the Mac App Stores, you are suggested to do like this:

Remove existing “Install macOS Sierra” files from Mac or connected hard drive because they are probably one of the beta or GM builds not full version. After that, go back to Mac App Store to get final version of macOS Sierra.

2. macOS Sierra Installation Problems

Due to interruption (for example disrupted internet connection) during download, a damaged Install macOS Sierra.app will be given stopping installation. In that case, you should delete this damaged installation app and download it again from the Mac App Store.

Another problem which frequently happens is that macOS Sierra freezes during installation. To fix it, try methods below:
• Disable or uninstall any antivirus software on Mac.
• If this problem remains after that, try to install macOS Sierra in Safe Mode.
First of all, make sure that the network situation is great. Next, press power button while holding down the Shift key to boot your Mac into Safe Mode. Now, install macOS Sierra again.

3. macOS Sierra Won’t Start Problem after Installing/Upgrading

macOS Sierra is installed successfully but goes to a failing startup only with a grey screen. Well, you need to reset NVRAM and PRAM.
Restart your Mac and hold down Command, Option, P and R keys simultaneously. You will hear the startup chime twice. Release the keys when you hear the second sound to reset PRAM.

Also, some other troubleshooting tips can be used to solve this macOS Sierra problem.
• Reset SMC: Shut down Mac > unplug all cables > plug cables back a few minutes later > start up Mac.
• Boot Mac in Safe Mode. Restart Mac while holding down Shift. At least 9GB of free space is required.
• Remove all third party extensions, antivirus apps, PPTP VPN software.

4. macOS Sierra iTunes Problem

It’s not unexpected that iTunes won’t open or work after installing/upgrading your Mac to macOS Sierra. To solve this problem, you just need to install iTunes 12.5.1 or higher from Mac App Store. Please note that if you fail to update iTunes, download the latest version straight from Apple instead of updating from App Store.

Actually, iTunes receives a lot of complaints for its complicated operation, various bugs on syncing and more which driving some users to switch to iTunes alternatives. WinX MediaTrans Mac version, one of the best replacements of iTunes, offers a quite simple and reliable way to transfer files, including photos, videos, music, books, Voice Memos, ringtones, podcasts between Mac (OS Sierra) and iPhone, iPad, iPod. The Windows version with same functions is available for Windows 10 and lower versions.

5. macOS Sierra iCloud Problem

macOS Sierra will ask you to enable some of features depending on iCloud, for example Storage Optimization, iCloud Documents and Desktop during setup. You can confirm to use those features or skip. However, you may encounter the error message: “This Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem with…” which pops up constantly. How to stop this kind of iCloud error message?

• Open Apple menu and enter System Preferences.
• Select iCloud and Sign Out.
• Reboot Mac and open iCloud to access preference window.
• Sign in iCloud with your account again.

6. macOS Sierra Safari Problems

After installing/upgrading to macOS Sierra, Safari possibly goes to not working, for example not finding server, failing to load webpages, plug-ins issue. To make those troubles disappear, you can try the following ways:

• Check the situation of Wi-Fi or networking. Make sure the connection is no problem.
• Clear caches of Safari. Open Safari > Preference > Show Develop menu in menu bar > Develop > Empty Caches.
• Uninstall plug-ins. Safari 10 brings a new feature to disable plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player, Java, Silverlight, QuickTime and uses HTML5 to load content for a faster browsing experience.

7. macOS Sierra Apps Won’t Open Problem

It’s a pretty usual that you open an app but showing “damaged and can’t be opened” on new installed macOS Sierra. This error may be caused by incompatibility problem. You can visit the app official site to check if it supports macOS Sierra or if a new Sierra-compatible version has been developed.

• Update the app to the latest vesiom.
• Uninstall the existing app and reinstall it.
• Clear cache. Open Finder and select “Go to Folder” from “Go” menu. And then, Enter ~/Library/Caches into text box. Next, remove data from every folder. Now, repeat the steps for /Library/Caches (without the ~ symbol)
• Reset PRAM by restarting Mac and holding down Command + Option + P + R
• Hold Command and Option keys when launching the error app if it still cannot be opened after using the above methods.

8. macOS Sierra Video Playback Problem

Some users experience a wired display when playing videos on Mac running OS Sierra. Rainbow colors, drop shadows or other UI elements appear on the screen. To reset SMC is the solution.

• For iMac
Shut download your iMac and disconnect the power cord from monitor. Reconnect the power cord 60 seconds later.

• For MacBook
Shut down your MacBook and plug in power adapter. Hold down Shift, Control, Option and the power button. Release key and the power adapter light will change color. Now, boot your MacBook.

9. macOS Sierra Wi-Fi Problem

Wi-Fi slow speed is an annoying problem after upgrading to macOS Sierra when causing long time to load an online page, download online resources. First of all, you should check situation of router and ISP to ensure if they provide a good internet connection. If there are no problems, you need to delete current Wi-Fi preferences.

• Open Finder and select Library from “Go” menu.
• Access to /Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and delete files listed below:
• After that, restart your Mac and modem or router.

10. macOS Sierra Bluetooth Problem

The problem that bluetooth devices fail to connect to macOS Sierra computer is reported. That may be resulted from outdated bluetooth device. Following Bluetooth SIG, macOS Sierra only supports the latest protocols adhering SIG’s standards.

To fix this bluetooth error, you should get an updated firmware of bluetooth device compatible with macOS Sierra. Otherwise, downgrade to Mac OS X El Capitan.

Source: https://www.winxdvd.com/resource/macos-sierra-problems-troubleshooting.htm

HandBrake AAC Encoder | What AAC Encoder Does HandBrake Use

HandBrake, a famed open source video transcoder, gave the latest update for version 0.10.5 on February 11, 2016 bringing improvements on x265 and large AVI handling, but announcing bad news that FDK AAC encoder has been removed from this new version due to license issue. Meanwhile, new questions should be answered. What AAC encoder does HandBrake use now? Does this current HandBrake AAC encoder deliver superior or lower audio quality than FDK AAC encoder? Here, we will help you solve those puzzles.

What Is FDK AAC Encoder?

FDK AAC, originally developed for Android and later expanded to other platforms, is recognized as one of top AAC encoders to encode and decode AAC format audio with high quality following Apple AAC. It arrives with several cross-platform versions. fdk-aac (latest version 0.1.4) is based on FDK AAC 3.4.12/2.5.10) and includes a shared library libfdk-aac. fdkaac (latest version 0.6.2) is an advanced front-end to the FDK AAC encode using libfdk-aac, while FFmpeg/Libav support is a wrapper for libfdk-aac available for use with FFmpeg.

FDK AAC supports 8 audio object types: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, MPEG-2 AAC LC, MPEG-2 HE-AAC, MPEG-2 HE-AAC v2. The bitrate can reach up to 96 kbps per stereo channel and 112 kbps per mono channel. Sample rates for input of 8000 – 96000 Hz are supported. And, the library is now limited to 16-bit integer PCM input due to fixed-point math.

What’re Current HandBrake AAC Encoders?

Although FDK AAC has disappeared from HandBrake 0.10.5, it has no influence for Mac but makes a bit change for Windows and Linux. Now, check the list of AAC encoders HandBrake uses at present.

Libav (AAC): It is a fork of FFmpeg project focusing on handling multimedia data. It includes numerous video/audio encoders and decoders for most mainstream formats, for example AAC. Libav is now the default HandBrake AAC encoder.

Core Audio (AAC/HE-AAC): It is a library offering a set of frameworks for developers to handle audios on macOS and iOS. HE-AAC delivers high compression efficiency and is optimized for low-birate applications for audio streaming. It is only used for HandBrake Mac version.

Is Current HandBrake AAC Encoder for Windows Superior than FDK AAC?

Native FFmpeg AAC encoder (Libav AAC encoder) was declared going to stable for general use in December 2015. The test results indicate that this AAC encoder is transparent at 128 kbps and delivers equal or greater quality than most of other encoders. In February 2016, FFmpeg released a major version 3.0 including greatly improved AAC encoder without experimental flag.

Because of above changes, native FFmpeg AAC encoder is considered as best FDK AAC encoder alternative for HandBrake. However, HandBrake’s announcement explicitly told the default Libav AAC encoder “is lacking in comparison to FDK but is passable for most” and does not support HE-AAC. Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase, a great place for learning audio technology, also gives similar conclusion that the current HandBrake AAC encoder (FFmpeg 3.0 AAC encoder) cannot preserve as much quality as FDK AAC and receives a mid-rank on recommended list.

For more: https://www.winxdvd.com/resource/handbrake-aac-encoder.htm

How to Solve YouTube Fullscreen Not Working Problem

YouTube embeds a fullscreen option delivering a better view experience to watch HD videos on computer. Frequently, it works well on browsers while sometimes YouTube won’t go fullscreen. For example:

“When I click YouTube fullscreen button, it only fills my chrome browser window, whereas it used to actually go full screen. I haven’t changed anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!”

How to fix YouTube fullscreen not working problem during playing videos on browsers, Chrome, Firefox etc.? Read this article to get troubleshooting tips.

Tips to Solve YouTube Fullscreen Not Working/Won’t Go Full Issue

There are multiple reasons, browsers, plug-ins, flash players or unknown errors which may result in fullscreen not working of YouTube videos. Here, we roundup most common solutions to solve YouTube videos not going fullscreen problem.

1. Update Browser & Flash Player to Latest Version

No matter which browser you use right now, we suggest you to update it to the latest version with the support of HTML5 player to avoid fullscreen problem when playing HTML5 video on YouTube. You can open https://www.youtube.com/html5 to confirm that “HTMLVideoElement” and “The HML5 player is currently used when possible” options are checked.

Apart from browsers, Flash Player may cause various YouTube playback problems as well. It’s better to keep Flash Player for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers up-to-date. Visit https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and follow instruction to download and install the newest Flash Player version. After all is done, please restart your browser and play YouTube videos in fullscreen mode again.

2. Disable Browser Extension

You may install several extensions for browsers to achieve some tasks, for example AdBlock to remove YouTube ads, Video DownloaderHelper to save YouTube videos, or YouTube to MP3 plug-ins. All those tools probably cause YouTube fullscreen not working problem. Disable them or all your installed extensions.

Input “Chrome:extensions” on address bar for Chrome or “about:addons” for FireFox. Hit enter to get full lists of plug-ins. Uncheck “Enable” for Chrome or click “Disable” for Firefox to eliminate their interruptions on YouTube video fullscreen playback.

3. Download YouTube Videos

If you have tried the above two ways but YouTube fullscreen is still not working, we can suppose that fullscreen is disabled for a YouTube video (especially embedded ones on other sites) by owner. Therefore, the best way to make any YouTube video play in fullscreen is to download YouTube videos to computer or devices and use a video player to reach fullscreen playback.

WinX YouTube Downloader a well-reviewed video downloader, features free downloading all types of video (movies, TV shows, music videos, sports, news etc.) from YouTube and other 300+ sites at 5-8x real-time download speed. It can get videos in diverse qualities, 8K/4K/(1080P) HD/SD/3D off online while keeping original images and hi-fi audios. It is a 100% free and clean program bundled no adware, spyware or virus. >> Check tutorial of how to download YouTube video with WinX YouTube Downloader here

Source : https://www.winxdvd.com/resource/youtube-fullscreen-not-working.htm

Free iPhone 7 Ringtones Download and Making Tips

No doubt! iPhone 7 is the most anticipated gadget in 2016. Although it is believed to arrive in September, iPhone 7 rumors spread all over the internet. Two models featuring different screen size as last generation with thinner design will come. Wireless earphones make disappearance of headphone jack. Certainly, upgraded processor is equipped to guarantee fluency of multi-tasking. If you are an owner-to-be, why not download great ringtones for your new iPhone 7? And here, we will show free iPhone 7 ringtones download and making tips helping you set your favorite music/songs as ringtone.

Where to Get Free iPhone 7 Ringtones Downloads?

A great majority of iPhone owners prefer customized ringtones rather than default ones, while the most popular MP3 audio is not compatible with iPhone ringtone format, which is encoded with AAC from 8 to 320Kbps with an extension .m4r, adding some difficulties to get personalized ringtones easily. Therefore, special iPhone ringtones download websites and apps are developed to meet the needs. Next, let’s take a look at the best free iPhone ringtones download sites/apps.

Top 5 Free iPhone 7 Ringtones Download Sites

• Audiko – A host offers popular (SMS) ringtones for iPhone with constant updates and lists top ringtones for reference.
• Zedge – It supplies a wide range of ringtones for phones. Users can free download featured, popular, recent or other ringtones based on different genres for special iPhone models.
• MadRingtones – It’s not only an iPhone 7 ringtones download site, but an online ringtone creator available to make any MP3 songs or YouTube videos as m4r ringtones.
• MyTinyPhone – It has gathered over 550,000 free ringtones in different music genres and will add new files continuously. Registered members can also upload and make ringtones.
• MobileToones – It focuses on providing free ringtones downloads for iPhone and other mobiles phones. Browse categories and popular ringtones to get what you want.

Top 5 Free iPhone 7 Ringtones Download Apps

• Ringtones for iPhone – Apart from a huge number of free ringtones, this all-in-one app also allows you to convert iTunes music or record voices as ringtones for iPhone 7/6s/6 etc.
• Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers – Zedge releases the iOS app for users to download free ringtones/wallpapers more conveniently on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.
• Ringtone Designer – Instead of given ringtones, this app is capable of making custom ringtones, text tongs and alerts using any songs in your iTunes library.
• Ringtone DJ. – It is another great iPhone ringtones making app to create ringtones and alert tones from existing songs on your phone as well as apply DJ sound effects for those tones.
• Create Ringtones! – It helps you to set your iPod music or recorded voices as ringtones for iPhone 7/6s/6 and other devices running on iOS 4.0 and later with ease.

How to Make Any Music/Songs as iPhone 7 Ringtone for Free?

Some people can be satisfied with the ringtones granted by the above-mentioned sites and apps, while some others still fail to find their favorite ringtone files due to limited music sources. Want to free download any music/songs as iPhone 7 ringtone? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe must be the best helper.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe boasts its feature to download any music/songs videos from YouTube, Vevo, Billboard, MTV and similar sites (300+) as well as convert them to iPhone ringtones with hi-fi sound in a few clicks. Owing to Hyper-threading Tech, Multi-core (up to 8) and Hardware Encoder (Intel & Nvidia) Support, it can deliver No.1 fast download and conversion speed.

Please download and install this iPhone 7 ringtone maker on your PC (Windows 10 is compatible). Then, follow the steps to download any music/songs as ringtones for iPhone 7. Note: It also arrives with a Mac version supporting Mac OS X Snow Leopard to El Capitan.

Step 1. Download Music/Songs You Want to Set as iPhone 7 Ringtone
Launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and hit YouTube URL button to access to video analysis window. Click “+ Video” to load your music video. Search your favorite music/song video on YouTube or other supported sites. Copy and paste URL to the address textbox of pop-up window. Hit analyze button to obtain video version varying from resolution, format, size and code. Select one version and click OK.

Note: Please check “Auto convert” option for iPhone ringtone conversion. Otherwise, you will free download the video only.

Step 2. Select iPhone Ringtone as Output Profile
The downloaded video will be added to conversion list automatically and the output profile dialogue will appear. Click “to Music” category and select iPhone Ringtone as output format. Apart from iPhone Ringtone, there are many other mainstream audio formats listed, for example MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, WAV and more. You are allowed to convert video to various audio for listening, editing or other purposes.

Step 3. Start Making iPhone 7 Ringtone
If necessary, click Browse button to save the converted ringtone file to a destination folder. Then, hit RUN button to start making ringtone. After all process is completed, sync the audio to iPhone 7 via iTunes and set it as ringtone for your phone.

Source: http://www.winxdvd.com/resource/free-iphone-7-ringtones-download.htm

Best Torrent Movie Downloaders 2016

The popularity of P2P file sharing grants numerous movie torrents over internet and meanwhile brings a big convenience for movie seeking online. But when speaking of how to get movie contents, a torrent movie downloader is essential. As a matter of fact, the market has been crowded with too many applications which dazzle demanders. In this post, we will list the best 3 torrent movie downloaders for PC/Mac helping you download movie torrents for offline full movie watching in a simple and fast way.

Top 3 Torrent Movie Downloaders for PC/Mac

A torrent movie downloader, in other words, a BitTorrent client, is a kind of program designed for distributing and sharing digital media files and allows users to access contents of torrent files. Through several years’ development, some torrent movie downloaders win fame and reputation due to great features and performance. And, the following 3 programs are ranked as best torrent movie downloader software for PC/Mac.

uTorrent is one of the most widely used torrent movie downloaders with over 100 million users. Serving as a multi-platform freeware, it can run on Windows (XP and later), Mac OS X (10.5 and later), Linux with uTorrent Server, and arrives with an app for Android. It prides on the rich features like magnet links support, encrypted files support, interrupted downloads resuming and more. It also offers a simple and efficient way to download torrent movie thanks to trouble-free operation, superb speed and low resource (CPU & bandwidth) consuming. In addition, BitTorrent Bundles which contain plenty of movies, music and other great torrent resources can be easily downloaded with uTorrent. However, the ad-support always draws complaints due to installment of undesired toolbar/software.

qBittorrent is an open-source torrent movie downloader available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more. Aiming to be an excellent alternative to uTorrent, it is packed with several brilliant features, including user-friendly interface, well-integrated search engine, bandwidth scheduler, downloading in order, torrent filter etc. It grants stable, efficient and fast torrent movie download process as well. Apart from the above-mentioned pros, it has a clean install so that you don’t need to worry that some useless or malicious third-party stuffs will adhere to your computer. But, it fails to support more torrent movie downloads due to non-acceptation at many private torrent sites.

Vuze is another best movie torrent downloader software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android. Apart from torrent files download, users are allowed to publish original DVD and HD video contents for money earning. It is still built in abundant features such as magnet link support, encryption support, VPN/proxy setting, media playback, torrent creation, no ads and so on. Certainly, the speedy download can help you get a feature length movie in a possible shortest time. What makes users a little disappointed is that it is a quite big RAM users and less efficient than other two torrent movie downloaders.

A Superior Way to Download Movies Online

Everybody should know that both torrent files and torrent movie downloader will carry more or less risks, like virus infection, copyright infringement. To escape from adventuring bad things, we highly recommend a superior movie downloader – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a versatile movie video downloader and converter capable of downloading any full movie videos/trailers in SD, 720P/1080P HD and even 4K/8K/3D (if there is a source) from 300+ sites, covering YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc, to MP4, FLV, 3GP and WebM. Built-in 370+ video & audio codec and 410+ profiles, it can download convert movie videos to AVI, WMV, MOV, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, PS3/4, Xbox and other popular formats, devices with hi-fi quality at the fastest speed.

Source: http://www.winxdvd.com/resource/torrent-movie-downloader.htm