Top 3 iPhoto Alternatives for Windows (10) in 2016-2017

iPhoto is a system-attached picture management application for Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.10 which empowers users to import photos from digital cameras, USB drive, hard drive and other storage devices as well as organize, edit and share photos. It is replaced by Photos from OS X Yesomite 10.10.3. The new photo app is easier-to-use simplifying editing tools and integrates iCloud Photo Library for photo syncing from iDevices.

At present, iPhoto still owns a large number of users. iPhoto alternative for Windows turns to be a hot search for various reasons. One case like below:

“I can transfer everything from my old Mac to new Windows PC EXCEPT iPhoto. I’ve got thousands of photos, probably 100 albums sorted out in iPhoto. I’ve looked before but have never found a Windows based application that does similar photo management and organization. Does anyone have a suggestion?”

Here, we will round up the best 3 iPhoto alternatives for Windows (10) PC in 2016-2017 helping you manage photos with ease.

#1 iPhoto Alternative for Windows (10) – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Ligthroom is designed as a professional picture organizer running on Windows and Mac. From version 6.4, it can compatible with Windows 10. And, the latest version 6.7 was available in September 2016 with the support of latest macOS Sierra.

Like iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom features viewing, managing and editing pictures in diverse formats, like common PNG, JPG, PSD and even camera raw formats. The built-in library is the place for image organization which enables you to import/export images, classify images into collections by metadata and more. If you wanna produce a better-looking photo, please move to Develop module. A bunch of tools can help you enhance pictures. Apart from basically cropping and straightening, tonal adjustments such as white balance, color saturation, tonal scale, exposure, clarity, brightness and so on are available. In addition, you can customize sharpness, reduce noise and remove red-eye for your photos. Additionally, it allows you to create photobooks/slideshow, print images and sync photos between your devices with Lightroom mobile app.

The abundant features make it top on the iPhoto alternative for Windows list. And, you need to pay $9.99/month for experiencing full version for this image organizer for PC.

#2 iPhoto Alternative for Windows (10) – Google Photos

Unlike desktop software, Google Photos is a cloud-based photo sharing service available on web, iOS/Android devices. It derives from Picasa, which is discontinued developing in March 2016 and the application Picasa Web Albums was retired two months later.

Although Google Photos mainly aims to back up photos and help access any photo across various platforms, computer, phone or tablet, it is qualified to be one of the best iPhoto alternatives for Windows because it integrates powerful image organizing and editing tools allowing users to manage uploaded pictures with ease. You can easily import pictures from hard drive or other storage devices to Google Photos and create a new album for gathering picture with same theme (for example travel) together. You are allowed to adjust aspect ratio, crop, rotate pictures, reassign value of light, color, vignette and apply color filters for pictures. Every image can be shared to Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

As a web service, Google Photos can be used on computers running on any operation system, Windows, Mac, Linux. It’s completely free to use but turns to be useless without network. Compared with iPhoto and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, it offers simpler editing functions which probably cannot meet requirements of advanced users.

#3 iPhoto Alternative for Windows (10) – Windows Photo Gallery

As other iPhoto alternatives for PC, Windows Photo Gallery is a photo manager app collected in Windows Essentials software suite available for Windows 7/8/10. However, a bad news had been announced that Windows Photo Gallery will stop supporting after January 10, 2017.

Windows Photo Gallery focuses on photos management and editing. It embeds a photo import tool enabling you to get images off camera onto computer. And the image viewer help you check any picture stored on hard drive or devices connected to computer. Windows Photo Gallery works great on photo tagging and allows you to add titles, rating and captions in order to get better organized images. Apart from basic editing functions, like resizing, cropping, ratting, red-eye reduction, it can help adjust exposure, shadows, highlight, sharpness as well as remove blemish and reduce noise for pictures. It also gives you an opportunity to share pretty photos to OneDrive, Flickr and Facebook. Windows Photo Gallery supports many photo formats, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Gif etc, but cannot handle camera raw files.

Windows Photo Gallery is free for download on Windows PC. General users can be satisfied with basic editing and sharing options while some users still hope more improvements on effects. Tip: Windows 10 pushed out Photos app available to view, import, edit and sync images which can be a replacement of Windows Photo Gallery after the retirement.

Bootom Line: All above top 3 iPhoto alternatives for Windows (10) can help you achieve photo organization and adjustment on PC. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom boasts rich editing functions while Google Photos shows an efficient solution for photo syncing. And, Windows Photo Gallery is seemingly the preferred choice for a beginner. Depending on your needs, choose the best one for you!

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Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) In-depth Comparison

The release of new iPhone 6/6 Plus with bigger, crisp display drives competitions between Apple and Android smartphones to be tougher and tougher. HTC One (M8), this significant Android flagship, is definitely a formidable rival of iPhone 6 due to its gorgeous all-metal design with brushed-metal finish and top-of-line performance. Now, let’s kick off in-depth Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) comparison to learn which one is the better choice for you.

iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) – Design & Display

Both iPhone 6 and HTC One (M8) have brushed aluminium body and sophisticated design. But someone may prefer the slimmer, lighter iPhone 6 which is much more comfortable to carry in pocket than HTC One (M8).

New iPhone 6 features a 4.7-inch screen with Retina HD display and a resolution of 750×1334 pixels (326 ppi density), while HTC One (M8) goes ahead of iPhone 6, offering a larger 5-inch display with higher resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels (441 ppi density). The advantage of HTC One (M8) in display makes it more suitable for watching movies, reading e-books and playing games.

iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) – Processor & Memory

For delivering buttery-smooth user experience, iPhone 6 boasts faster A8 chip, a 1.4 GHz 64-bit dual-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM. In comparison, HTC One (M8) is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor along with 2GB of RAM. In fact, both phones run fast and handle software well without lags and slowdown regardless of difference on paper.

iPhone 6 comes with different models according to built-in storage, basically 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. HTC One (M8) has two models with 16 GB/32GB storage, but offering a microSD card slot to upgrade storage.

iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) – Camera & Multimedia

It is undisputed Apple is far ahead of Android devices in MP race. iPhone 6 is equipped with an 8 MP rear shooter, a 1.5-micron pixels sensor, an auto focus system (Focus Pixels) and a software image stabilization, surpassing HTC One (M8)’s 4 MP UltraPixel camera. And, the front-facing camera of iPhone 6 has improved with an f/2.2 aperture, new sensor and burst mode.

Anyone can enjoy great music with iPhone 6’s all-featured music player with album art, lock screen controls and iTunes Radio for music streaming. However, music management should be done with iTunes. The music player of HTC One (M8) also can stream music from media server and automatically download album art. As for speakers, iPhone 6 has a single loudspeaker at the bottom, while HTC One (M8) features front-facing stereo speakers which are more appropriate for audio/video needs.
>>Free Stream Movies to iPhone 6

iPhone 6 vs HTC One (M8) Specs Comparison


Conclusion at a Glance

From the above comparison between iPhone 6 and HTC One (M8), it is hard to judge which one is better. The high-end design and build quality with precisely suitable size makes iPhone 6 pretty attractive to fans. Also, the autofocus 8-MP camera can do a far better job to shoot a picture. But HTC One (M8) features larger screen, higher resolution display and the same great performance with cheaper price. Which is the better choice? It depends on your needs!

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Four Important Things You Should Know about keepvid and SoundFrost

This article will show you several important things you need to know before you use keepvid and SoundFrost to download online audios and videos. Guys who love downloading free music and video files online are all too familiar with keepvid and SoundFrost. Actually, keepvid and SoundFrost are the same kind of product. Maybe they are developed by same provider because they have same interface design except for software name. keepvid and SoundFrost have established massive user base, due to its capability to download and listen to online music tracks from all over the world. But, there are four things you should watch out for.


1. keepvid and SoundFrost aren’t totally free programs.

Some people may think that they are free, but actually not. keepvid doesn’t have clear limitations, but SoundFrost gives clear explanation for free, professional and ultimate versions. SoundFrost free version allows people to download music to MP3 and video to AVI, download 10 items per day, play 100 online songs per day and enjoy 1 month of license. And there’s no data protection and backup license for free edition.

2. SoundFrost virus/malware infection.

Many SoundFrost users report that they have encountered SoundFrost virus after installing SoundFrost. When they google search something or click certain button, they are redirected to a website which is definitely unwanted. Sometimes, users keep getting popups when random some websites. That is really annoying. Once SoundFrost malware is installed, the adware program will collect user information, and change browser setting to display targeted ads.

How could SoundFrost malware access to your computer? Sometimes, you volunteer to download and install SoundFrost to free download music, only to find your computer infected by virus. Maybe, it gets into your computer when you downloading and installing third-party software, torrents or websites. Same kind of issues may also happen to keepvid software. In case of virus or malware attack, you should know how to remove SoundFrost and keepvid virus beforehand.

3. How to remove SoundFrost malware/virus?

There’re two methods for you.

Solution 1. Use anti-malware software (say, Malwarebytes) to remove malicious files and CCleaner to repair internet browser settings and uninstall related adware and third-party software.

Solution 2. Uninstall SoundFrost using a traditional way: enter into Control Panel > find Programs > hit Uninstall a program/Add and remove a program.

If both keepvid and SoundFrost doesn’t work for you, you need to find some good keepvid alternatives or SoundFrost substitutes which are totally free and clean. >> Top 5 KeepVid Alternatives

4. Recommended keepvid and SoundFrost alternative to download music

In fact, there are tons of free music and video downloaders that can replace keepvid and SoundFrost to free download online music or video from YouTube. Among all free YouTube downloader, WinX YouTube Downloader is highly recommended.

WinX YouTube Downloader is a totally free and clean YouTube video downloader excelling in downloading any YouTube video in any video resolution to FLV, WebM and MP4. Moreover, there’re no limitations. By testing, it can free download YouTube videos in perfect quality at very fast speed. You can free download Jennifer Lopez hit songs, John Legend songs, Shakira hit songs and other popular songs effortlessly.

Roundup of Best Free Music Download Sites

Best Free Music Download SitesMusic plays an important role in our daily life. Light music relaxes us; inspiring music encourages us, funny music entertains us. The internet is full of abundant music sites establishing wonderlands to make pretty rhythms available to you. As for favorite songs, you may not content with listening online, but download to play them on the move or accompany you to go to sleep. Among thousands of websites on internet, I summarize the best free music download sites which gathers greatest free music downloads.

Top 10 Free Music Download Sites


YouTube is acquainted with everyone as a video sharing website. Indeed, it is also one of the best free music download sites since it collects versatile tunes videos, ranging from classic music to latest popular songs, for example, Shakira song, Demi Lovato songs, John Legend songs, from official music videos to fan-made videos. Although some YouTube music cannot be directly downloaded on account of specified permissions, there are great free YouTube downloaders provided with users to free download any music from YouTube, for example, WinX YouTube Downloader, totally free and stand-alone YouTube music downloads software. >>YouTube Videos Download Tips lists weekly trending artists, top tracks and new upcoming music on the home page, giving listeners a much convenient entrance to access hit songs. It offers a large amount of free MP3 downloads and classifies them into 25 musical genres for users to pick out music from their favorite types.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive aims to provide high-quality music under Creative Commons and other licenses with listeners. You can explore music by curator or by genre, and post your own music to this free music download site. It also demonstrates highlights of recently added and most interesting on home page for listeners to directly download.


Pandora dedicates to keeping up with great new tracks from hot artists, online genius singers and reality TV shows competitors. It is not only a platform to discover diverse music, but a good introducer to recommend incredible songs according to your musical tastes. What’s more, you can submit favorite music to Pandora for sharing with listeners.


Difference from other best free music download sites, SoudCloud is a good place where any music enthusiasts can upload their own works. It is the best community for indie music lovers who can know talented independent songwriters and singers. Besides free music downloads, you can also upload and download various audios about entertainment, sports, technology etc.


Don’t forget that Amazon, this popular music market on internet, has massive freebies. Go to Digital Music category > Music by Price > Songs > Free to seek out free MP3 downloads. Till now, there are 46, 030 tracks available to you.


Jamendo is one leading free music download sites, collecting 441,000 tracks and appealing 2.3 billion listeners, 195.5 millions downloads. Listeners can free download music by recommended top 10 genres on sidebar or suggestions on the bottom.

As the above best free music download sites, enables artists to upload music and fans to free download music based on their tastes. Besides a large collection of free songs, it posts new free MP3 every day and suggests featured album weekly to you.


Grooveshark is a free online music streaming website, sharing over 15 million files from more than 40 million users. You can explore songs by genres, community, popular and new release category. Moreover, you can establish broadcasts to share favorite collection with listeners or enjoy awesome worldwide music included in others’ broadcast.

Noise Trade

If you want to discover fresh music rather than listen to popularities every day, Nosie Trade is the right destination. You can free download albums, EP, singles, live recordings uploaded from new great artists. Also, it can help artists connect their listeners for getting more support.

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